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Mental skills drive performance. Get the skills you need to maximise your potential.

"Really helpful and interesting. It has reframed how I approach my studies. Patrick was really engaging and seemed to have a genuine interest in the topics he was speaking on"

- Andrew D.

What is Deviate?

Deviate blends experience sitting the exams with psychological research to give you the edge for your exams. Our 3 key pillars are:


Lay the foundations to achieve your potential.


Specific preparation tailored to your exams.


How to perform when it matters most.

Trusted by leaders at world class companies


The foundations of any performance start with you.

In this section we cover key questions on mindset, resilience development and wellbeing strategies including how sleep can help you perform.

“The content feels like it has been designed specifically for me, it’s almost like it is reading my mind”

Amy F.

Tax Associate at PwC


Prepare like a professional

In this part of the course we cover key aspects of how to manage motivation and stay as efficient as possible while preparing for the exams.

“One of the benefits of Deviate is that you’re learning from an expert who has walked in your shoes”

Ryan S.

Consultant at Accenture


Perform when it matters most

In this section we cover key aspects of dealing with nerves, distractions and setbacks to make sure you're ready to perform when it matters most.

“The performance element of the course feels like I'm working with my own sports psychologist but all we're talking about it exams.”

Amil H.

Accountant at Deloitte


Learn from an instructor with real industry experience

Our courses mix evidence-based approach and practical experience to empower you to achieve your potential.

“Patrick as a unique mix of industry experience and performance psychology expertise, it works so well”

Dara S.

Consultant at Accenture

Excel with courses designed for your specific needs

Cap 1



Discover your mental skills level for free

Effective learning starts with assessment. Learning new skills is challenging - we make it easier as we adjust our courses to you.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Striive motivated me to have a new mindset toward studying and performing in exams.”

Rory M.

Senior Associate at Deloitte

“Well delivered and comprehensive. All of the information is really interesting and insightful.”

Conor H.

Associate at PWC

“Very detailed and actionable insights surrounding all areas of performance, that will change my approach for the better”

Jenny W.

Associate at Grant Thornton

Frequently asked questions

What is this course about?

This course will help you accelerate your preparation for exams by teaching you non-technical skills that are fundamental to exam performance. This course is all giving you certainty that you are preparing in the most efficient way possible.

What's included in the price and how long will it take?

The courses last approximately 3 hours and you will have access to them for 6 months.

This course takes place online, so no travel is required.

With your tuition, you’ll have access to:
- Pre-recorded video lectures
- Access to best practices of over 1,000 students
- Downloadable notes and templates
- Summary notes

Couldn't I find this material online for free?

The Internet is littered with excellent advice about learning, wellbeing and performing under pressure. How this course differs is all of the research is applied through my experience. It course provides a signal in a world of noise. We filter the best practices and make them applicable to your situation (because we've been in your shoes!), that's what makes it different to what you find online.

What's your refund policy?

If you fail your exams, we’ll happily refund your full payment or offer you extended support, whichever you prefer.

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